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Master Your Anime Game Journey with Masskai!

Your Anime Game Dream Team

Welcome to Masskai, the hub where the enchantment of anime springs to reality! We're a team of dedicated anime enthusiasts turned 3D wizards, embarking on a mission to transform your game into an anime-inspired masterpiece."

Two 3D Anime Character Models, one seated on a chair giving a thumbs-up, and the other on a table pointing with a friendly 'hey' gesture. A computer screen on the table displays the Masskai logo.

Unlock Masskai's Anime-Powered Services to Maximize Your Game's Potential

At Masskai, we're your one-stop-shop for all things anime-inspired game development. We're the magic behind the art, the artists behind the scenes, and the champions of bringing your game's anime vision to life!
Our expertise lies in three core areas:

3D Anime Character Model making a humorous facial expression while getting punched in the face.

3D Anime Character Modeling

Our 3D character modeling is where the anime magic begins! We'll take your 2D characters and transform them into stunning 3D anime icons. Each character will radiate with personality, ready to steal the show in your game.

Stylized environment street corner view featuring buildings, a paved sidewalk, and a road.

Stylized Environment Creation

Every anime world needs an immersive backdrop, and that's where we shine! Our artists craft stunning, stylized environments that'll transport players to breathtaking realms. Whether it's a futuristic city scape or a mystical forest, we've got it covered.

3D anime character model in a running position.

Dynamic Animations

Animations that'll make your game dance, sparkle, and shine! Our dynamic animations breathe life into your characters, making every movement an epic adventure. From epic battles to heartwarming moments, we've got your animation needs covered.

Why You'll Love It

  • Characters that pop off the screen with vibrant 3D details.

  • Seamless integration into your game's world.

  • Unique and Memorable Characters that players will grow to love and remember long after they've finished playing.

  • Environments that tell a story and set the mood.

  • Seamless integration with your game's narrative.

  • Players won't want to leave these captivating worlds!

  • Characters and objects that move with style and flair.

  • Engaging cutscenes that keep players glued to their screens.

  • Unleash the full emotional range of your characters!

Stylized environment scenery featuring pavement, road, buildings, a bus, a school building, the gymnasium of the school, and a bus stop.


A Glimpse into Masskai's Anime Magic

Blender 3D software logo
Adobe substance painter logo
unreal engine logo
Why Choose Masskai? 

At Masskai, we're not just another 3D game modeling studio; we're your gateway to turning your anime-inspired dreams into digital adventures! Wondering why you should embark on this journey with us? Here's the lowdown:

A piggy bank representing affordability.

Affordable Excellence

We firmly believe that exceptional 3D artistry shouldn't break the bank. Our pricing is affordable, making high-quality game development accessible to all, from indie game developers with big dreams to established gaming companies looking for top-notch solutions.

A star symbolizing quality.

Fast Turnaround, Uncompromising Quality

We're not fans of waiting around, and we bet you aren't either. That's why we offer a swift turnaround without compromising the quality of our work. Your project will shine with the same brilliance and attention to detail that we're known for, only faster!

Money bills indicating pricing.

Transparent Fixed Pricing with Sweet Promotions

Our pricing is straightforward and easy to understand, just like your favorite anime's plotline. No hidden fees or surprises.
And here's the exciting part: alongside our straightforward pricing, we offer exclusive promotions every month that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

A Rubik's Cube symbolizing a straightforward and logical approach.

No-Nonsense Approach

Confusing technical jargon and complex procedures? That's not our cup of tea. We're all about keeping things simple and straightforward. We talk in plain language, so you'll never be in the dark about your project's progress.

But wait, there's more! Our unique features don't stop there:

Dream Packages

Choose from Masskai's tailored packages designed to suit your specific needs. Each package comes with its own set of special promotions and bonuses.

Package 1: Anime Starter Trio  10,000.-THB
  • Kickstart your anime-inspired game with our "Anime Starter Trio." This package includes three expertly crafted 3D character models, perfect for introducing your players to your game's captivating world. Each character is brought to life with vibrant 3D details and seamless integration.

  • Special Promotion: Purchase the "Anime Starter Trio," and you'll not only get  top-notch character models, but you'll also receive not one, but two bonus character animations at no extra cost, adding dynamic flair to your game.

Package 2: The World Builder's Delight 20,000.-THB
  • Dive into the world-building process with our "World Builder's Delight" package. Craft stunning, stylized environments that transport players to breathtaking realms. Whether it's a futuristic cityscape, a mystical forest, or an underwater wonderland, we've got it covered.

  • Special Promotion: When you choose the "World Builder's Delight" package, you'll unlock an exclusive monthly promotion. This month, enjoy a whopping 25% discount on any additional character models to populate your enchanting world. It's a golden opportunity to expand your game's universe!

Package 3: Masterpiece Odyssey 50,000.-THB
  • Go big with the "Masterpiece Odyssey" package! This all-inclusive package offers everything you need for an epic anime-inspired gaming experience. You'll receive a cast of 3D character models, a set of mesmerizing stylized environments, and dynamic animations that will bring your game to life like never before.

  • Special Promotion: With the "Masterpiece Odyssey" package, you're not just getting a complete gaming makeover; you're gaining entry to our elite "Odyssey Club." As a member, you'll enjoy monthly promotions tailored exclusively for Odyssey Club members, early access to new features, exclusive 30% discounts on additional character models, and priority support to ensure your game's success is nothing short of legendary!

Two 3D anime characters looking at the camera, one with hands in the air celebrating and the other pointing with a 'we got your back' gesture.

Please keep in mind that our Dream Packages already come with an initial discount, and these special promotions cannot be combined with our regular monthly offers. Rest assured, you'll always benefit from the exceptional advantages offered by our Dream Packages, alongside exclusive monthly promotions designed to elevate your gaming experience.

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